Patient Education

Your First Visit.

Your first visit is the time we get to know you.

In fact, patients sometimes don’t even open their mouths during this visit, preferring just to chat with Dr. Lawson! Remember,your comfort and relaxation are our goals. Our first objective is to learn how we can help you.

If it is appropriate, Dr. Lawson will take a full series of digital X-rays, which use substantially less radiation. After a careful evaluation of your teeth and gums, you and Dr. Lawson can discuss a treatment plan based on your goals and finances. Of course, any questions or concerns will be addressed before any procedures are begun.

There’s Nothing to Worry About

If you are apprehensive about dental procedures (perhaps you’ve had a bad experience in the past), Dr. Lawson may suggest a form of sedation dentistry, where you are given light medications to help you relax.

Dr. Lawson has had special training and extensive expertise treating patients with dental fear. In fact, many of our patients recover from dental phobia after developing a relationship of trust with us!