Signature Dentistry is a general and family dental practice in Macon, Georgia, dedicated to comfort and personal attention using proven techniques and technologies.

Facing serious illness as a child, Dr. Amber Lawson spent her share of time in cold, sterile medical offices. Remembering back to those visits, she was determined to create a family dental practice that was different. The result is Signature Dentistry of Macon, a warm and welcoming place where patients know they are truly cared for.

Are you a patient with fear of the dentist? Dr. Lawson welcomes patients who may have had a bad experience in the past and are fearful or apprehensive about their dental care. She utilizes advanced techniques—including various forms of sedation dentistry—to provide compassionate, gentle care. Dr. Lawson also provides dental care for children.

Signature Dentistry is located in the College Hill Corridor area of Macon, close to Mercer University.

If you would like to know what a visit to Signature Dentristry is like, allow some of our patients to share their experiences with you.